How To Land Your Dream Job

This is the Guide to Land Your Dream Job.

Defining a roadmap that applies uniquely to your perfect career is often confusing and complex. Through The Guide To A Successful Job Search, we ask you the right questions that will unlock and allow you to realize your potential so that the superstar in you will shine in front of your career prospects!

“ This workbook is jam-packed with the kind of self-analysis that typically requires the help of an expert career coach — Sadè Smith Tillman with Next Generation Career Coaching is that coach. Here, she delivers a workbook full of great exercises and material to help you land your dream job!."

Jay Vics 

CEO, HowTo.Agency by JVI Mobile

What’s Inside ?

Defining a roadmap that applies uniquely to your dream job is often confusing and complex. But getting through this complexity often determines whether or not you will land your dream job

Through the Next Generation Guide to a Successful Job Search workbook, we show you practical tips, strategies, and fun self-assessments to accelerate & revolutionize your job search. The workbook covers several topics that we believe are crucial for success.

The 7 key traits that make up your growth mindset

12-Point self-assessment that will unlock your dream position

A simple checklist to evaluate the basic skills every  employer looks for in a perfect candidate.

The 36 most employable skills to have if you want to land the perfect Position

The "Professional Value Statement" blueprint

And more!

Insider Insights

“Landing your dream job is not based on luck. You really have to implement a strategy...

...But most importantly, you really need to know yourself and what makes you special.”

Sadè Smith-Tillman

Chief Operating Officer, Next Generation Career Coaching

"Since working with Next Generation my resume has finally been getting the recognition it deserves! I love my newly upgraded resume that was done and I feel more confident than I ever have."

"Sade' is very patient, positive, and pleasant. I have not had to search for work in over 11 years, she helped show me a new way of doing things."

Get on the path to your dream job immediately !

The Guide to a Successful Job Search workbook includes everything you need to understand about yourself and what the perfect job requires. Download our workbook now !

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